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T4S is about helping SMEs learn and make the right choices in their approach to technology across their whole business. Ultimately it’s about powering growth.”

Julian Wills, Timewade

Helping businesses get ahead through better use of technology

Launched by Timewade, Technology for Success started as a group of companies at Exeter Science Park sharing practical tech tips.

This quickly grew as more businesses took part and like-minded partners joined. Today T4S offers digital events, tech surveys, guest speakers, new learnings and insights.

There are now more than 200 SMEs who are part of the free to join T4S programme.

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Technology for Success is a programme offering free insight, expertise and events to help businesses get the best use of technology for productivity, opportunity and growth.

Why Technology for Success?

To succeed in the 21st century, you must view your business as a tech company.

That means being responsive and decisive, and using technology to drive your business forward.

But, for more ‘traditional’ business, that’s not easy. That’s where Technology for Success can make a difference…

Join to receive learnings, insight and invites to T4S events. And, when you’re ready, start to develop your Tech Strategy to propel your business forward.

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SME Technology Strategy

Digital platforms and tools can help your company to boost productivity, reach new customers, form new ways of working, develop new products and make use of real-time data to inform rapid and intelligent business decisions.

But where do you start?

Having a Tech Strategy allows you to make the very best decisions:

  • Customers and clients
  • Employee communications and productivity
  • Gaining new business
  • Suppliers and partners
  • Developing products and services
  • Accessing new markets
  • Managing data to drive continuous improvements
  • Staying digitally safe and secure

Join T4S and learn from other SMEs and expert partners at Astley Media, Bishop Fleming, Commissioning HR, Insight 6, Minerva Lifelong Learning, Stephens Scown and Timewade.

Then, create your Tech Strategy and use technology to take your business forward.


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  • Use our Tech Strategy planning document to start planning (please ensure you open and use this document in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat)
  • Work through the T4S process: Review, Develop, Implement & Improve
  • Get support from the technology strategy experts Timewade

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