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Digest the report, reflect on whether you’re truly harnessing opportunities for growth, and then do something about it.”

Julian Wills, Managing Director at Timewade

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Download the latest Technology for Success report, Time to Deliver, which is based on a wide-ranging survey of SMEs across the South West.

The report reveals insights into the technology strategies of South West businesses, the biggest tech challenges facing business leaders, how technology is influencing business growth, and more.

Time to Deliver report
This is a critical era for SMEs – change fast, or struggle and ultimately fail. Finding the right partner to develop a tech strategy to achieve sustained growth is now key to organisations across every sector.”
Jordan Westcott, Timewade

2022 Time to Deliver report

  • Half (48%) of companies in the South West are approaching their IT and technology with a strategy in place
  • 85% of business leaders agree that having a technology strategy is vital for business success
  • In the next year, over half (55%) of SMEs plan on outsourcing some or all of their IT and tech functions
  • South West business leaders are optimistic about recovery and growth post pandemic
  • Half (52%) of companies with a technology strategy are expecting international growth in the next three years, compared to a quarter (26%) of those without
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