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Digital transformation is critical to the future of service providers, but how can law firms use technology?

Pricewaterhouse Coopers Annual Law Firms’ Survey 2019 showed that 8 out of the top 10 UK law firms identified technology as the key challenge to growth in the next 2-3 years. One company which has pioneered technological innovation is leading South West law firm and Technology for Success partner, Stephens Scown LLP.

In this blog, Partner and Head of IP and IT Ben Travers, shares how they are using technology to improve the customer experience. 

Why should law firms use technology?

At Stephens Scown, all decisions are driven by a desire to improve the customer experience and service quality. 

Technological innovations are introduced to streamline and speed up processes and transform how legal services are delivered, whilst ensuring that the important human relationship between lawyer and client is not replaced or lost.

How can law firms use technology?

  1. To analyse data – Stephens Scown uses specialist software to analyse data from across the world. Whilst this data has always been available, technology has made it possible for larger data sets to be analysed and understood so that a lawyer can identify trends, predict outcomes and inform clients of the implications and chances of success in a court case. 
  2. To automate processes – Technology can reduce the amount of time lawyers spend on tasks. Trade Mark registrations for example can be monitored using technology which picks out and flags conceptual similarities. Alerts can be set to monitor social media feeds and forum posts for negative or defamatory content. Technology can be used to scan large data sets to fulfil subject access requests. These efficiencies reduce the amount of time spent on a case and subsequently the client cost.
  3. To identify online infringements – We can use specialist software to help identify people behind sites which may be guilty of selling counterfeit goods online. Software identifies commonalities in language style, IP addresses and domain ownership across multiple sites to track down and identify counterfeit sellers across multiple sites.
  4. To make efficiencies – Where possible, many teams are paperless and have been for years.  We also offer clients the technology to have non-face to face meetings with lawyers, reducing travel time and client cost. 
  5. To improve the client experience – Stephens Scown were the first law firm in the UK to introduce an app . The ‘My Lawyer App’ enables clients to easily keep track of their cases, view documents, pay bills online and diarise key dates. 

Julian Wills, Managing Director of Timewade and Founder of Technology or Success (T4S), commented: “As our legal partner in the Technology for Success programme you’d expect Stephens Scown to be at the cutting edge of technology to enhance the services they provide. In the legal sector change is happening at a rapid pace. Having a technology strategy with a clear roadmap is essential if firms are going to seize the opportunities, avoid the pitfalls and adopt the right approach for long term gains.”

Stephens Scown is committed to improving the quality and speed of outcomes for clients and have a dedicated Strategic Innovation team driving innovation within the firm. We view technology as a key driver for growth and encourage other service providers to consider how technology can be used to support their business development strategy. 

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