How To Create A Compelling Webinar

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Webinars are an excellent way to engage an audience situated anywhere in the world, and can be used to share your brand’s expertise and put some personality behind the business. 

Operating as an ‘online seminar’, a webinar can be created with simply a host, presentation and audience. But with the number of webinars being delivered dramatically on the rise, the real question is, how to create a webinar that people actually want to watch? 

Six steps to building a compelling webinar:

  1. Establish a clear idea – This idea should be at the heart of the webinar, and should be a ‘webinar-worthy’ topic that has substantial content and can create discussion. A small announcement isn’t ideal for a webinar. 
  2. Ensure a good set-up – Check that your audio, visual and streaming technology is high enough quality for the webinar, as no one wants to sit through twenty minutes of crackly sound or blurry slides. Choose an appropriate host or presenter who is a confident speaker and an expert in their field, and ensure that any guest speakers are the right fit for the webinars topic. 
  3. Create – Write a script that allows for improvisation but also gives guidance and timings for the speaker. The presentation or slideshow visuals should match up with the content of the script and should include a welcome and housekeeping slide, as well as a closing slide with the speaker’s contact details. 
  4. Promote your webinar – Build some interest around the webinar by posting on social media and sharing with your contacts, encouraging people to sign-up in advance. Why not interact with the registered attendees by asking them to send in their questions in advance? This can help to boost engagement and shape the webinar content. 
  5. Going live – Start the webinar at the set time, and ensure you do not over run. When delivering the webinar, we recommend that the speaker has their video turned on. We also recommend having a co-host who is able to help with any technical issues and manage any questions which come in. 
  6. Follow up – After the webinar, be sure to upload the recording onto a website or social platform so that it can be accessed by those who couldn’t make the live session. 

PR and Marketing Account Manager at Astley Media, Elle Taylor said:Webinars offer an exciting alternative to the classic seminar, especially in today’s work culture, where so many of us are working from home. A successful webinar can create leads, conversations and opportunities by engaging with an unlimited audience. Embrace the process from start to finish with the steps and tips above, and watch your brand and concept flourish online!”

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