Tech Trends Of The Past And Present

Tech Trends Of The Past And Present 500 333 Astley Media

Blog written by Dan Pritchard, Managing Director at Astley Media, Comms & Marketing Partner at Technology for Success.

What Can We Learn From Past Tech Trends?

Prior to 2021, the biggest technology trends for brands included Content Marketing, Big Data and Marketing Automation… but what do these terms mean?

Content Marketing

Any forward-thinking business will use content marketing tools to make their brand stand out. This is achieved through creating and sharing content such as videos, podcasts, social media posts, articles and blogs. The aim of producing this content is to gain a following, start a conversation and to keep that audience hooked for your next piece of content, all part of a brand’s communications strategy to enhance brand awareness and make you the expert.

Big Data

The term ‘Big Data’ has been around since the 1990s but what is it? Big Data refers to data that is accumulated on much larger scale and at a faster rate. The data comes in three ways:

  • Social – general media, likes, comments, re-tweets etc.
  • Machine – for example, a road traffic camera and satellites tracking the behaviour of the users.
  • Transactional – invoices, payments and any data collected from a consumer who has purchased goods.
Marketing Automation

This is using software to automate marketing promotions for customers, keeping them up to date on offers you might have and changes within the company. Think of it as a digital newsletter. To find out more about Marketing Automation, check out our recent blog at:


Top Technology Trends From 2021 – What Has Changed?

Technology has changed dramatically over the last few years, and no one could have forecasted the pandemic in 2021 which pushed us to fully embrace the digital age. A lot of small businesses wouldn’t have survived unless they turned to digital resources. But what are the top technology trends helping brands stand out in 2021?


AI has been around for decades and has been used in nearly every industry imaginable; medicine, military, space, automated driving, construction and the internet. You can almost certainly expect to encounter one when you visit a website, which is why it’s predicted that by 2024 the market size will grow to $1.3 billion and 47% of businesses and organisations will invest in chabots.  According to Adweek, businesses with chatbots will increase their brand awareness, generate leads, increase marketing efforts, chat with employees and complete HR related tasks. This is certainly a trend to watch and implement as part of your business tools.

 Voice Search

There isn’t a household that doesn’t use some type of voice search, whether it’s Alexa, your remote control, or your mobile phone. Voice search is everywhere and it’s a trend that’s not going any time soon. Using voice search can increase your visibility as we speak differently compared to how we type, meaning that SEO and keywords used on marketing content will be used much more effectively. Did you know that 58% of consumers used voice search in 2017 to look up local businesses?

Increase of No-Code Tech

Many companies no longer have the need for coding with tools such as Dreamweaver and other developers like Wix who create the coding for you, so all you need to provide is the text, images, links and other content. And this isn’t just for websites, you can even create mobile phone apps, online magazines and Ecommerce platforms.


What do you think about these past and present tech trends? What do you think will be the biggest tech trend to enhance your business in the future? – Let us know on our TwitterInstagram and Linkedin.

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