Zoom Fatigue: What Can Employers Do?

Zoom Fatigue: What Can Employers Do? 1280 853 Commissioning HR
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Video calls have become the new way to conduct business meetings and stay in touch with colleagues, however, research commissioned by Bayfields Opticians & Audiologists has revealed the risk of ‘Zoom Fatigue’.

In this blog, we explore the findings of the research and draw on Jade Burke’s article for HR Grapevine to consider how employers can help to reduce the risk. 

Researchers questioned 2,000 people about their thoughts on video calls hosted via platforms such as Zoom and Skype. 

Wasted work time

According to the results, employees spent around 47 minutes getting physically and mentally prepared before a video call, and a further 18 minutes getting back into work mode once a call finished, resulting in over an hour of wasted work time per video call. Over a third said that sometimes communications could have been dealt with quicker by communicating via the phone or email rather than via video. 

Physical and mental strain

In addition to wasted work time, over half of respondents stated that they have experienced insomnia, headaches, eye strain, anxiety or low moods because of technology like video calls during the period of lockdown, and nearly half of respondents said that they struggle to keep up the conversation on a video call if there are too many people taking part.

Whilst using multiple devices and communications platforms is crucial to maintaining ‘business as normal’ whilst working remotely it is important that employers consider the needs of the business and employee in order to avoid Zoom fatigue.

How to prevent ‘Zoom fatigue’

  1. Make social events optional
    Reduce any unwanted anxiety among team members by making social video calls optional.
  2. Encourage breaks
    Encourage regular breaks so employees can rest their eyes and process large amounts of information shared via video call.
  3. Try phone calls

Sometimes, there is nothing wrong with opting for an old-fashioned phone call to catch-up with our team, it saves video call prep time and provides participants with the chance to take a screen break.

If you have other top-tips for avoiding Zoom fatigue please share them with us via Twitter @Timewade or by using the ‘Contact us’ form.

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